your pathway to spinal health

Put back pain behind you

Sick of back and neck pain? Discover a treatment that can help get you moving again, whether you’re suffering first-time symptoms or chronic pain.

getback is a non-invasive treatment that uses smart technology to gently strengthen your back. Our team of Physiotherapists or Exercise Physiologists will guide you through a personalised program on our rehabilitation devices, working within your comfort range to relieve pain, improve muscle strength and restore movement.

Clients commonly achieve improved comfort and mobility within 6-8 weeks, completing 2 sessions per week.

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    getback helps relieve pain from:

  • general pain and stiffness
  • sporting injuries
  • posture problems
  • sciatica
  • whiplash & accident rehabilitation
  • post-pregnancy rehabilitation

Your Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist can advise you whether getback is suitable for you and your condition.

How we are different

Here’s 4 ways why getback is different to back treatments you may have tried in the past:
• it isolates and targets the deep muscles that are crucial for back strength
• other techniques provide short term pain relief but getback reconditions your back to help minimise pain on an ongoing basis
• it’s spinal health you can actually see – your improvement is displayed on-screen on our smart devices at the end of every session, so you always know how you’re progressing.
• you have a clear finishing line – a typical getback treatment lasts 12 weeks, with a shorter follow-up treatment one year later.

Read more about the getback Patient Journey.

The program

Spinal pain and injury leads to a deconditioning cycle in your back, where joint stiffness and muscles spasms may occur. getback’s program intervenes by helping to re-establish core muscle control. Once core muscles are working properly, the other muscles and spinal joints are unloaded, and pain and stiffness is likely to reduce.

Based on your individual assessment, our team of Physiotherapists or Exercise Physiologists will design a tailored program for you using the getback rehabilitation devices. The devices carefully guide movement, ensure correct joint position, and correct resistance to perfectly match your muscle capacity – ensuring a highly targeted, pain-free range of exercises that gently strengthen the specific areas of your back where your pain is originating. Feedback screens track your progress and provide you a summary at the end of each session, showing your improvement across the program.