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Nathan Lynch

Director and Physiotherapist

Nathan Qualified as a Physiotherapist from Sydney University in 1999 and has worked in both public and private settings as a Physiotherapist in Australia as well as multiple countries internationally in various rural and remote clinics and hospitals. Working in many remote locations has led Nathan to develop a passion for providing Evidenced based Physiotherapy in rural settings. Nathan has been part of the Wauchope Physiotherapy team since 2007 and is proud to have been instrumental in designing and building our current building which opened in October 2015 – the first purpose-built Allied Health Multidisciplinary Clinic in Hastings area.

In 2014 Nathan was involved in developing the Mid North Coast Health Training group which was created as there was a need to provide quality and affordable professional development to keep Physiotherapists and Allied Health Professionals up to date on Evidence Based Practice on the Mid North Coast of NSW Australia. Along with continuing to lead this professional development group, Nathan is also a member of the Primary Health Network Clinical Council and learning and development subgroup as an advocate for Physiotherapy.

Nathan has spent his fair share of time as a patient too… undergoing 4 hip surgeries, a tendon lengthening procedure, a groin reconstruction, a shoulder reconstruction and abdominal surgery. He believes that this experience has improved his clinical practice and his empathy with his clients – particularly those living with chronic pain. He is renowned for providing great outcomes for his clients while being known for his sense of humour, enthusiasm and relaxed approach.

Clinical Interests: Hip impingement, Lumbo-pelvic dysfunction, return to sport rehabilitation, Headache therapist and vestibular/vertigo rehabilitation.

Personal Interests: Enjoys spending time with his young family, resistance training, tennis and rescuing/rehabilitating injured wildlife.


Bachelor of Physiotherapy (University of Sydney) 1999

Postgraduate Courses Attended:

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Manual handling train the trainer for the health professional, Corporate Work Health, 2021
Office Ergonomic Workstation Setup Training For Allied Health Professionals, Corporate Work Health, 2021
Vehicle Physical Ergonomic Considerations For Allied Health Professionals, Corporate Work Health, 2021
Upperlimb Musculoskeletal Diagnositic Ultrasound Course, Peter Esselbach, Sydney, 2019
Getback Spinal Rehabilitation Course, Melbourne, 2018
ADAPT Chronic Pain Course, Univerity of Sydney, Dr Micheal Nicolas, 2017. Also, involved in a pilot study relating to use of the ADAPT program in regional areas for the treatment of Chronic pain.
Understanding MRI – a musculoskeletal perspective with Dr Bob Marshall 2017
Introductory Vestibular Physiotherapy Course 2017
Lyn Watson Level 1 Shoulder Course 2016
Anatomy Trains Fascial Manual therapy Course 2015
Explain Pain by David Butler 2015
Rescuing the Older Knee by Jenny McConnell 2014
Rescuing the Younger Knee by Jenny McConnell 2015
Kinesiotaping by Thuy Bridges Course 2014
Watson Headache Level 1 Course Sydney 2013
The Everyday Foot by Craig Allingham 2013
The Everyday Shoulder by Craig Allingham 2011
3D Lumbar spine, hip and Pelvis by Trish Wisbey Roth 2010
Advanced Musculoskeletal Acupuncture to Upper Limb, TMJ and Cervical/Thoracic Region 2009
Advanced Msuculoskeletal Acupuncture to Lower Limb and Lumbar Region 2008
Dynamic Hip Stability by Alison Grimaldi 2008
Managing Soft Tissue Injuries by Work Cover2007
Acupuncture ‘Anatomy for Acupuncturists’ by Dr Mike Cummings 2006
Gait Analysis Study Day (Ranchos Los Amigos approach) Shetland, UK, 2006
A Combined approach to the Shoulder by Dr Jeremy Lewis, Glasgow, Scotland, UK, 2004
Evidenced-Based Acupuncture for Physiotherapists by Dr Panos Barlas – Foundation Training in Acupuncture, Birmingham, England, UK, 2003
Management and Development 1 by Hunter Area Health Service 2001
Muscle Energy Techniques by Barbara Hungerford Level 1: Pelvis, SIJ and Lumbar Spine, Gosford NSW 2001
Mulligan Concept ‘NAGS and SNAGS’ Combined Level 1 and 2 (Spinal and Peripheral Mobilisation with Movement), Sydney, NSW, 2001
McKenzie Institute of Australia
Part A: The Lumbar Spine, Newcastle, NSW, 2000
Part B: The Thoracic and Cervical Spine, Newcastle, NSW, 2001
‘Vasyli’ Foot Orthotic Fitting and Prescription – Lower Limb Biomechanics: Level One Sydney, NSW, 1999
Operation India (Action Aid India and University of Sydney) Fieldwork and Education in Community Based Rehabilitation in India, 1999
Swedish and Remedial Massage University of Sydney, NSW, 1997

John Scullin

Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

John is well known to the people of Wauchope as he has been successfully treating the Wauchope community since purchasing the practice in 1984. In 1989 he returned to full time study for a year at Sydney University to gain his postgraduate qualification in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. This qualification made John an APA Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist. Subsequent continuing education has ensured he maintains this specialty. John has extensive knowledge, skills and experience in most areas of physiotherapy with particular interest in musculoskeletal dysfunction and sports injuries. His management is centred around hands-on treatment after thorough assessment of the presenting condition. He follows this up with specific exercise prescription to help maintain or improve client function.

Clinical Interests: Acute and Chronic Musculoskeletal disorders, Headache therapist, Sports Injuries and Aged Care. John is passionate about providing services for residents of Bundaleer Aged Care Services.

Personal Interests: Spending time with family and friends, surfing and Yoga.


Bachelor of Science NSW University 1978
Grad Dip Physiotherapy 1979
Post Graduate Diploma in Manipulative Physiotherapy 1999

Postgraduate Courses Attended:

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Orthopaedic Updates Lecture Sydney 2019
Understanding Dementia, University of Tasmania, 2018
Masterclass Symposium in Sydney, 2018
Explain Pain by David Butler 2015
Rescuing theYounger Knee by Jenny McConnell 2015
Rescuing the Older Knee by Jenny McConnell 2014
Lyn Watson Level 1 Shoulder Course 2014
Expert member of a working party at Uni of NSW to formulate guidelines for workers compensation management of shoulder rotator cuff injuries, 2013
Gerontology Level 1 2013
Manual Handling in Aged Care 2013
Power Taping Rocktape 2013
Falls Prevention Workshop 2012
The Everyday Foot and ankle by Craig Allingham 2011
Benign Paroxysmal Vertigo Course by Dr Swee Aw and Sally Burton Brady 2012
Simplifying Shoulders by Craig Allingham 2011
Annual Masterclass Symposium convened by Sydney Specialist Physiotherapy Centre 2011 and 2012
Acupuncture and Dry Needling Courses in 2009 to 2013
Watson Headache Level 2 Course Sydney 2010
Lower Limb Tendinopathy and Heel Pain Forum 2010
Dynamic Stabilisation of the Hip & Pelvis with Alison Grimaldi 2006
Muscle Energy Techniques Level 1 & 2 Pelvis and Lumbar Spine with Barbara Hungerford
Muscle Energy Techniques for Cervical and Thoracic spine with Barbara Hungerford
Lyn Watson Level 2 shoulder Course 2000

Ros Chudleigh


With a wealth of skills and experience, Ros is well known to the people of Wauchope and has been providing effective treatment and great outcomes to the people of the Hastings area for more then 30 years. Ros has previously owned and run a very successful practice in Port Macquarie for many years and has been part of our team at Wauchope Physiotherapy since 1998.

Ros has a passion for keeping up to date on recent research, skills and techniques to provide her clients with effective evidence based treatment. She has excellent manual therapy skills providing ‘hands-on’ techniques in combination with specific exercise prescription.

Clinical Interests: Lumbo-pelvic rehabilitation, Headache therapist, Sports Injuries and various Acute and Chronic Musculoskeletal disorders.

Personal Interests: Pilates and physical fitness, endurance horse riding and travelling around Australia to compete in national endurance riding events.


Bachelor of Applied Science Physiotherapy, Cumberland College of Health Sciences, Sydney University 1980

Postgraduate Courses Attended:

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Hip Differential diagnosis and Prescriptive Exercise by Trish Wisby–Roth, Port Macqurie, 2018

Lyn Watson Shoulder Course Level 1 2016
Anatomy Trains, Thuy Bridges 2015
Explain Pain, David Butler 2015
Rescuing The Younger Knee, Jenny McConnell 2015
Rescuing The Older Knee, Jenny McConnell 2014
Kinesio Taping Fundamentals and Advanced (KT1 & KT2 ) ,Thuy Bridges 2014
Everyday Foot And Ankle, Craig Allingham 2013
Simplifying Shoulders ,Craig Allingham 2012
Fascial Fitness, Thomas Myers and Robert Schleip, 2010
3 Point Pivot Propulsive Biomechanics, 2010
Demystifying The Pelvis And SIJ, Taso Lambridis 2010
Dean Watson Headache Course Level 2, 2010
3 Dimensional Treatment of the Cervical and Thoracic Spines, Trish Wisby-Roth 2006
3 Dimensional Treatment of the Lumbar Spine, Trish Wisby-Roth 2006
Muscle Energy Techniques for the Pelvis, SIJ &Lumbar spine Levels 1 & 2, Barbara Hungerford 2006
Muscle Energy Techniques for the Thoracic & Cervical Spines and Ribs , Barbara Hungerford 2006
Dean Watson Headache Course Level 1, 2005
Steve Saunders, Treatment of the SIJ
Lyn Watson Shoulder Course Level 1, 2000
Jill Cook and Craig Purdham , Tendinopathy
Megan Dalton, Mobilization of the Nervous System, Neurodynamics
Brian Mulligan Spinal and Peripheral Joint Mobilization Levels 1 & 2
Brian Edwards, Combined Movements Spinal Mobilization Techniques
Muscle Energy Techniques Cervical, Thoracic ,Lumbar Spines and Pelvis, Loren Rex
Robin McKenzie, McKenzie Techniques for Lumbar, Thoracic and Cervical Spines

Mitchell Olsen


‘Mitch’ is home grown in the Port Macquarie region and went on to complete his Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University of Newcastle. Since graduating in 2014, he has spent the last two years working at the Port Macquarie Base Hospital where he developed a diverse range of acute care skills and acquired a special interest in post-operative care and rehabilitation.

Mitch is eager to pursue his interests in Sports Physiotherapy and helping athletes of all levels recover quickly and maximise their potential in their sporting field. With a hands on approach and dedication to evidence based practice Mitch looks forward to making a difference in your health and recovery.

Clinical Interests: Return to sport rehabilitation, acute and chronic Musculo-skeletal rehabilitation and vestibular/vertigo rehabilitation.

Personal Interests: Cross-fit, surfing, camping and touch football.


Bachelor of Physiotherapy 2014 (University of Newcastle)

Postgraduate Courses Attended:

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Introductory dry needling and western acupuncture course, Gold Coast, 2021
Upperlimb Musculoskeletal Diagnositic Ultrasound Course, Peter Esselbach, Sydney, 2019
Watson Headache Level 1 Course, Sydney, 2018
Introductory Vestibular Physiotherapy Course 2017
Integrated Solutions for Head and Neck Pain 2016
Bobath Concept “What is Normal Movement” – Lower Limb/Locomotion 2015

Jessica Witherow


Jess has worked in healthcare and education for over twenty years. Her career began in molecular imaging where she worked clinically and lectured at Sydney University. Concurrently she enjoyed dancing and working as a dance teacher to students from all ages and abilities. It was her own experience with injury combined with a love for science, movement and patient care that drove her to a career as a physiotherapist.

Jess completed the Doctor of Physiotherapy program at Macquarie University where she was awarded clinical and research excellence awards, and the University medal.  In 2018 she was honoured to receive the Australian Physiotherapy Association award for academic excellence.

Jess is passionate about delivering the best care possible and looks forward to supporting you in your journey to recovery and good health.

Clinical Interests: Musculoskeletal rehabilitation, chronic pain, musculoskeletal conditions of pregnancy and the post-natal period, movement analysis and pre-pointe assessment of dancers, neurological physiotherapy, aged care and falls prevention, clinical research. .

Personal Interests: Spending time with my young family, mindfulness meditation, good food and good coffee, dancing, spending time outdoors, and travel.


Doctor of Physiotherapy with the University Medal, 2018

Sports Trainer, Level 1, 2017

Bachelor of Applied Science, Medical Radiation Science, Nuclear Medicine (Honours), 2004

Diploma of Teaching (Dance)(Distinction), 2008

Postgraduate Courses Attended:

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Upperlimb Musculoskeletal Diagnositic Ultrasound Course, Peter Esselbach, Sydney, 2019
Pain Management Multidisciplinary Workshop, Sydney University, 2018
First International Motor Impairment Conference (abstract), Sydney, 2018
Ageing well week, Online Seminar Series, Neuroscience Research Australia, 2018
Spinal cord injury for physiotherapists, Professor Lisa Harvey, 2018
Sleep workshop, Dr Karen Peebles, 2017
Advanced pain workshop, Professor Julia Hush, 2017
Master Class: Imaging for Physiotherapists, Catherine Ketsimur, 2017
Advanced Sports taping course, 2015

Tahlia Hunter


Tahlia is home grown in the Hastings area and completed her high school at St Joseph’s Regional College. She then went on to study a Bachelor of Physiotherapy through Charles Sturt University, joining the first cohort to complete this degree at the Port Macquarie campus. Tahlia intends on completing further training to follow her interests in Women’s health and Pilates.

Tahlia is passionate about providing patient centred care, and works hard to help her clients achieve their goals.

Clinical Interests: Acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries, women’s health, Pilates and return to sport rehabilitation.

Personal Interests: Resistance training, Pilates, spending time with family and friends.


Bachelor of Physiotherapy 2020 (CSU Port Macquarie)

Postgraduate Courses Attended:

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SIRA Workers Compensation Accreditation Course 2021
First aid certificate
working with childrens check
level 1 matwork pilates

Blake McKenzie


Blake was born in Port Macquarie and grew up in the area, only moving away to study. He studied at Griffith University on the Gold Coast, completing a Bachelor degree in Exercise Science and a Master of Physiotherapy degree. Since graduating he has worked in musculoskeletal private practice.
Blake grew up playing soccer and during his teens found a passion for bodyboarding. He now enjoys competitive boxing and surfing regularly.

Physiotherapy as a profession was a logical choice for Blake as it combined his passion for sports and fitness, with his desire to help others.

Clinical Interests: Rehab of recurrent shoulder dislocations, dry needling, acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries, sporting tendinopathies, and return to sport rehabilitation.

Personal Interests: Boxing, bodyboarding, cars, and photography.


Master of Physiotherapy, Griffith University, 2019.
Bachelor of Exercise Science, Griffith University, 2017.

Postgraduate Courses Attended:

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Dry Needling: Introductory, 2020
Dry Needling: Advanced, 2020
Mulligans Concept: Lower Quadrant, 2020
Mulligans Concept: Upper Quadrant, 2020
SIRA Workers Compensation Accreditation Course 2020
Sports Trainer Level 1 & Advanced Taping, Sports Medicine Australia, 2016
Current CPR certificate
Current Working with Children check

Tim Wood

Exercise Physiologist

Tim has completed a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport science as well as a Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology. Tim has experience with Musculoskeletal rehabilitation of chronic conditions, neurological conditions and cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation. Tim has a keen interest in spinal rehabilitation and working with a range of conditions relating to spinal-cord injuries.  In addition, Tim has extensive knowledge in strength and conditioning programs, with a developed practice in diabetes and cancer survivor exercise programs in particular working with the ‘Man Plan’ following Prostate cancer treatment.

Clinical Interest: Spinal health and rehabilitation, Cancer patients and multiple sclerosis and Cerebral Palsy (neurological) population

Personal interests: Hiking and outdoor fitness, Crossfit and good coffee!


Masters Degree Clinical Exercise Physiology, Australian Catholic University, 2018
Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science, Australian Catholic University, 2015

Postgraduate Courses Attended:

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GetBack Spinal Rehabilitation Training Melbourne 2019
Australian Sports Commission beginner’s Coach 2013 – 2014
First aid certificate 2019
CPR Certificate 2019

Anthony Mahr

Remedial Massage Therapist

Anthony studied Remedial Massage in Katoomba (Blue Mountains NSW) and moved to Port Macquarie in February 2019. He enjoys running, surfing, cycling, swimming and going to the gym regularly. Did we mention he is also blind… but with his guide dog Shadow he enjoys taking on any challenge placed in front of him. He has a passion for helping people feel better through massage and getting his clients back to the activity they love!
Vision impairment has the effect of enhancing other senses. Anthony takes full advantage of this enhanced sense of touch and this is demonstrated in the massage he performs! Book in a massage with Anthony today!

Clinical Interests: Acute and Chronic Musculoskelatal Injuries, Sports Injuries and Myofascial and Deep Tissue Massage Therapy.

Personal Interests: Running, surfing, Riding, Swimming and going to the gym.


Diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy 2016
Hot Stone Massage Statement of Attainment 2015
Certificate 4 in Massage Therapy Practice 2015

Postgraduate Courses Attended:

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First Aid Certificate (June 2018 Completed)
Statement of Attainment in Basic Computing Skills 2017
Statement of Attainment in Business Administration 2017
Certificate 4 in Community Services 2014

Ashley Anderson

Remedial Massage Therapist and Exercise Scientist

Ashley brings a wealth of massage experience to our clinic. Originally from the Blue Mountains, Ashley has provided massage therapy in Penrith, Bathurst, and in the Hamilton Island area while also servicing numerous triathlons around Whitehaven beach, Dent Island, Hamilton Island and Airlie Beach to name a few. Since 2018, Ashley has completed further studies at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst obtaining a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science gaining her the title of Exercise Scientist. Along with providing Remedial and Sports Massage therapy to our clinic, Ashley is currently studying a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Charles Sturt University in Port Macquarie, she plans to complete this and commence her career as a Physiotherapist by 2024. Ashley’s years of experience as a Remedial and Sports Massage Therapist and further studies allows her to provide a high quality and tailored approach to every massage she performs.

Clinical Interests: Sports, Deep tissue, and Pregnancy massage. Combining Massage with Exercise advice especially to benefit older adults with balance, and strength needs.

Personal Interests: Spending time outdoors, photography, catching up with friends and family and keeping update in the massage and exercise world.


Currently study at Bachelor of Physiotherapy at CSU
Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science (CSU Bathurst) 2020
Diploma of Leadership and Management 2017
Certificate III in Beauty Services 2014
Diploma of Remedial Massage 2012
Certificate IV in Massage Therapy 2011

Postgraduate Courses Attended:

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First aid certificate 2020
Certificate in Pregnancy Massage 2013
Certificate in Hahana Hot Stone Therapy 2013
Our front desk team, like our Physio’s, strive to be helpful, attentive and friendly!

Georjean Davison

Practice Manager

Georjean is well known local in the Wauchope area, and she understands the needs of the local community. With an uplifting smile and background in hospitality, she has strong customer service focus and is dedicated to going above and beyond to create a customer experience that exceeds your expectations. Georjean has been part of the Wauchope Physio admin team for 2 years, and became Practice Manager in 2020. Her goal is to ensure that you are thrilled with your experience at Wauchope Physiotherapy and Sports Rehab Centre.

Our Reception Team

Michelle McCudden, Rhianon Slade, Gabrielle Foster (from left to right)

Meet our friendly and attentive reception team! Michelle, Rhianon and Gabbi are all active members in the Wauchope Community and genuinely care about providing you with a positive experience from the moment you walk in the door!