Pilates – Beginners To Advanced

What can I expect in the classes?

The classes involve stretching and strengthening exercises which can be modified to your needs and are performed predominantly on a mat (which we provide). We use various tools to assist the exercise such as foam rollers, resistance bands, weights, soft balls, straps and stability discs/balls to challenge your balance . These may be used to increase challenge, add variety or provide feedback for movement throughout the class.

What do I wear?

Normal exercise gear. Tighter fitting clothing does make it easier to provide you with feedback on correct technique but this needs to be balanced with whatever you are comfortable in. Shorts and tights should be at least to the knees and socks must be worn. Special grip socks can be purchased at the class ($15-18 a pair). Please bring a small towel and water bottle as well especially in the warmer months.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring a small towel, water bottle and socks to every session

How long do sessions and classes go for?

Classes are 55 minutes long in duration.

What facilities are available?

There is a toilet and a change room at our rehab centre. We have disabled access throughout, air-conditioning and we have spring water available however we encourage you to bring your own water bottle.

Can I claim via my private health fund?

Private health fund rebates are available from most of the private health funds provided you have the right type of cover and that they recognise Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology services. Normally they will not pay until you have completed the session or class.

New Rules regarding Claiming Classes on your Health Fund from 1 April 2019?

To ensure that Wauchope Physiotherapy and Sports Rehab Centre is compliant with the new rules we are introducing the following steps which only apply to those wishing to claim exercise classes through their health fund:

  • The classes are called “Exercise Classes” or “Mat Classes” which may include Pilates-informed exercises and other exercises.
  • It is necessary to conduct regular Physiotherapy follow-up assessments to ensure that we are catering for your individual needs.
  • The frequency of follow-up will be dependant on your individual case to ensure your needs are met.
  • Our team will record clinical notes to document your progress and ensure your needs are met.

What time should I arrive?

Please arrive 5 -10 minutes before your session or class to process your payment and health fund rebates

Are bookings essential?

Yes bookings are essential this can be done in person at our reception, by Phone (65853411) and via our online booking system (click ‘book online’ at www.wauchopephysio.com.au). Please check your bookings regularly, if you are booked into a class and provide us with your mobile number you will receive a reminder SMS.

Can I cancel a booking?

Yes, cancellations must be made 3 hours prior to your class otherwise the cancellation policy applies. Cancellations for group classes can be done either by Phone (day or night using our answering machine) or online via link on the automated email that you will receive when you book online. Be aware that the online booking service needs 24 hours notice to cancel a booking. Please do not reply to the SMS message to cancel a booking.

Cancellation Policy:

If you do not attend a booked class you will be charged for the session. Our team requires at least 3 hours notice should you wish to cancel a booking. Please note that you cannot claim health fund rebates on a missed appointment.

We believe that your health should be a priority in your life and therefore your treatment should be a priority in your schedule. Last minute cancellations and clients not attending their allocated appointment times can have a major impact on the delivery of our service and negatively effect your treatment progress.

We try our best to ensure we remind you of the right time. If you provide us you’re your mobile number, we will send a reminder SMS text the day before. This is a proactive approach on our behalf to reduce missed appointments. However, we still ask that you record your appointment elsewhere as phone services vary in some areas. Also, if we made an honest mistake at our end with your appointment the Cancellation fee will not apply.

Ask at our clinical reception for your own personal booking code to make online booking simple.