Tai Chi is here!

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Have you or someone you know had a Fall?

Tai Chi has been shown to be effective for preventing falls in older adults.

Did you know that 33% of people aged 65 and older will have a least one fall a year, and that falls rates increases with age (1)? This increased risk of falling is due to generally reduced strength, balance, coordination, and cardiovascular health (2). Falls are a big deal! – they often result in significant injury and loss of independence.

But did you also know that regular participation in Tai Chi has been scientifically proven to reduce falls by up to 48% (3)?

Wauchope physiotherapy and Sports Rehab Centre is excited to introduce Tai Chi Classes for Falls Prevention and improved mobility… Classes will be lead by our knowledgeable and skilled instructor Tess Scammell, who also leads our Pilates and yoga classes. Class exercises can be individually modified to ensure they are safe and appropriate for all ages and mobility levels!

Could Tai Chi help you? Here are the benefits:

  1. Build muscle strength in lower limbs
  2. Improve Range of Motion in stiff joints
  3. Improve body movement awareness (proprioception)
  4. To improve mobility, coordination and dynamic balance
  5. Reduces Falls in Older Adults:
    • To improve the body’s ability to make postural adjustments
    • To improve blood circulation and normalises blood pressure
    • Improves toe clearance in walking

Our clinic is excited to announce that we are taking bookings for Tai Chi classes in April – please contact us to find out more! Classes are filling up, so to avoid disappointment book your spot. As with all our rehab classes, 10 session passes are available at a discounted price.

If you want to pass on the gift of mobility to someone you know – Gift vouchers are also available.

Call our team to book in to a class today!

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