Clinical Psychologist

Gary Grant

Clinical Psychologist

Accepting Psychological support does not mean your going ‘mental’, rather it means you are proactive in working out appropriate healthy strategies which face all of us at some point in time. These may include learning to deal with difficult people (maybe your Boss or relatives), managing depression, anger and anxiety more strategically, recover from loss and grief and feelings of hopelessness.

Originally from Canada, Gary has worked around Australia within a number of areas including on call mental Health, Family services, Community Health, corrections and academia. Gary has an interest in Chronic Pain management and has recently successfully run a Chronic Pain Management Program with Nathan Lynch (Physiotherapist) at our clinic in 2017.

Gary aims to be non-judgmental and hopefully insightful to help his clients find their strengths. If you are struggling with the impact of a disability or chronic pain you may find it useful to book an appointment with our reception to speak with Gary.

Clinical Interests: Chronic Pain, Therapy with kids, Anxiety, Depression, Grief and Loss, Victims of crime, Post traumatic stress – especially with Vietnam Vets, and clients dealing with major stress which leads to anger.

Ethos: People can change, but they sometimes need a mentor. Gary always tries to bring in humour into his work. Laughter is very positive and therapeutic.

Personal interests: Motorbikes, gardening and travel.

Gary will be consulting 1 – 2 days per week at our practice on a Tuesday or Wednesday